• malaria Oct 7

    UN Endorses World's 1st Malaria Vaccine as ‘Historic Moment'

    The World Health Organization has endorsed the world’s first malaria vaccine and said it should be given to children across Africa in the hope that it will spur stalled efforts to curb the spread of the parasitic disease

  • coronavirus Jun 5, 2020

    Study on Safety of Malaria Drugs for Coronavirus Retracted

    Several authors of a large study that raised safety concerns about malaria drugs for coronavirus patients have retracted the report

  • Coronavirus Pandemic May 5, 2020

    Whistleblower: US Failed to Prepare, Sought Quick Virus Fix

    A senior government scientist alleges the Trump administration failed to prepare for the onslaught of the coronavirus, then sought a fix by rushing an unproven drug to patients

  • epidemics Oct 10, 2019

    Global Fund Raises $13.92 Billion to Fight AIDS, TB, Malaria

    An organization that funds programs to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria raised at least $13.92 billion for the next three years at an international conference, French President Emmanuel Macron said Thursday. The Global Fund said after the conference that Macron, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Bono of the rock band U2 “committed to raise at least a further $100 million...

  • director Apr 24, 2019

    Malawi Becomes 1st Nation to Immunize Kids Against Malaria

    The World Health Organization says Malawi has become the first country to begin immunizing children against malaria, using the only licensed vaccine to protect against the mosquito-spread disease. Although the vaccine only protects about one-third of children who are immunized, those who get the shots are likely to have less severe cases of malaria. The parasitic disease kills about 435,000...

  • Chief Nov 28, 2017

    ‘Unacceptable': About 11 Percent of Drugs in Poor Countries Are Fake, UN Health Agency Says

    About 11 percent of medicines in developing countries are counterfeit and likely responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of children from diseases like malaria and pneumonia every year, the World Health Organization said Tuesday. It’s the first attempt by the U.N. health agency to assess the problem. Experts reviewed 100 studies involving more than 48,000 medicines. Drugs for...

  • Donald Trump Aug 26, 2017

    North Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles Into Sea of Japan, US Says

    North Korea on Saturday morning fired what are believed to be three short-range ballistic missiles, U.S. Pacific Command said. The missiles were launched near Kittaeryong between 6:49 a.m. Seoul time (5:49 pm. Friday ET) and 12:19 p.m. The second missile “appears to have blown up almost immediately,” Pacific Command said. However, the first and third missiles did not “fail in...

  • Donald Trump May 29, 2017

    North Korea Fires Short-Range Ballistic Missile Into Japanese Waters

    North Korea fired a short-range ballistic missile that landed in Japan’s maritime economic zone Monday, officials said, in the latest in a string of test launches as the North seeks to build nuclear-tipped ICBMs that can reach the U.S. mainland.

  • Donald Trump May 16, 2017

    Trump Details Anti-Abortion Ban Over US Global Health Aid

    President Donald Trump is moving forward with a plan to massively expand a ban on federal dollars going to international groups that perform abortions or provide abortion information. Senior administration officials said Monday a plan to expand the so-called “Mexico City Policy” had gone into effect. The policy would apply broadly to organizations receiving U.S. global health assistance, compared with...

  • Middle East Apr 24, 2017

    3 African Countries Chosen to Test 1st Malaria Vaccine

    Three African countries have been chosen to test the world’s first malaria vaccine, the World Health Organization announced Monday. Ghana, Kenya and Malawi will begin piloting the injectable vaccine next year with hundreds of thousands of young children, who have been at highest risk of death. The vaccine, which has partial effectiveness, has the potential to save tens of thousands...

  • California Apr 9, 2017

    Filipino Bataan Death March Survivors Mark 75th Anniversary

    Ramon Regalado was starving and sick with malaria when he slipped away from his Japanese captors during the infamous 1942 Bataan Death March in the Philippines, escaping a brutal trudge through steamy jungle that killed hundreds of Americans and thousands of Filipinos who fought for the U.S. during World War II....
    On Saturday, the former wartime machine-gun operator joined a dwindling...

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