• dog rescued Aug 13, 2020

    Family Rescues Dog Found Swimming 4 Miles Off-Shore in Lake Michigan

    The Wilcox family from Western Michigan was out on their boat last Friday, and was surprised to find a dog swimming four miles offshore in Lake Michigan. The family was boating from Grand Haven to Frankfort when they saw a red animal swimming in the lake and jumped into action. They used a lift and a pole to get the…

  • Lake Michigan Aug 2, 2020

    10 People Sickened by Carbon Monoxide on Lake Michigan Boat

    Ten people aboard a boat on Lake Michigan were sickened after exposure to carbon monoxide, authorities in Michigan said Saturday. Authorities received a distress call from the captain of the 32-foot boat that was traveling in Michigan from St. Joseph to South Haven around 2:45 p.m. The boat was intercepted near the South Haven pier. Authorities said all ten people…

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