• Herman Cain Jul 30, 2020

    Trump Remembers Herman Cain

    At a press conference on Thursday, President Trump offered condolences for the family of former presidential candidate and Trump campaign surrogate Herman Cain, who died on Thursday morning from the coronavirus.

  • Herman Cain Jul 30, 2020

    Herman Cain Dies After Battle With Coronavirus

    Former GOP presidential hopeful and business executive Herman Cain had died at the age of 74.

  • Herman Cain Jul 30, 2020

    Former GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Dies After Battle With Coronavirus

    Herman Cain, a former presidential hopeful who was once considered by President Donald Trump for the Federal Reserve, has died after being hospitalized with the coronavirus. He was 74. Cain’s death was announced Thursday on his website by Dan Calabrese, who edits the site and had previously written about his colleague’s diagnosis. “Herman Cain – our boss, our friend, like a father...

  • Mexico Jun 21, 2019

    Pentagon Is Without a Chief as US Faces Many Global Threats

    It’s a difficult time for the Pentagon to be without a permanent U.S. defense secretary. The Trump administration is grappling with an escalating crisis with Iran, an unusual and controversial deployment of troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, the nearly two-decade-old war in Afghanistan and stalled talks with North Korea over its nuclear weapons program. Amid all that, and more, acting...

  • Donald Trump Jun 17, 2019

    GOP Mutters, Gently, as Trump Sidesteps Senate for Top Aides

    President Donald Trump’s latest anointment of an acting head of a major federal agency has prompted muttering, but no more than that, from Republican senators whose job description includes confirming top administration aides. Their reluctance to confront Trump comes as veterans of the confirmation process and analysts say he’s placed acting officials in key posts in significantly higher numbers than...

  • Donald Trump May 2, 2019

    Stephen Moore Withdraws From Fed Board Consideration, Trump Says

    Conservative economics pundit Stephen Moore has withdrawn his bid to be appointed to the Federal Reserve Board — within hours of boasting that he expected to be easily confirmed by the Senate — President Donald Trump said Thursday in a Twitter post. Moore’s putative nomination for the central bank had faced intense criticism and scrutiny after Trump said he wanted...

  • Donald Trump Apr 28, 2019

    Trump's Fed Pick Defends Record, Regrets Some Past Writings

    President Donald Trump’s pick for the Federal Reserve Board said he regrets past controversial articles he wrote about women and urged critics to focus on his economic record. Stephen Moore said the articles were meant as humor columns, but “some weren’t funny, so I am apologetic.” He called the criticism a “smear campaign” and told ABC: “Let’s make this about...

  • Donald Trump Apr 24, 2019

    Writings on Gender Issues Magnify Scrutiny of Trump Fed Pick

    Additional provocative commentaries about women written by Stephen Moore, President Donald Trump’s pick for the Federal Reserve board, emerged Tuesday, a day after a second White House Fed choice withdrew from consideration. In a column for the Washington Times, Moore wrote in 2000 that “Colleges are places for rabble-rousing. For men to lose their boyhood innocence….To stay out way too...

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Apr 23, 2019

    ‘Tonight' Monologue: Trump's White House Easter Egg Roll

    Jimmy Fallon on the White House Easter egg roll, Earth Day and Herman Cain.

  • Donald Trump Apr 4, 2019

    Trump Considering Herman Cain for Federal Reserve Board

    President Donald Trump is considering naming Herman Cain, a former pizza company executive and 2012 Republican presidential candidate, to the Federal Reserve Board, sources familiar with the matter told NBC News. The possible nomination comes as Trump’s most recent Federal Reserve pick, Stephen Moore, has come under fire for reports about his back taxes and failing to make alimony payments...

  • Donald Trump Jan 31, 2019

    Trump Considering Former Presidential Hopeful Herman Cain for the Fed

    Former presidential candidate and Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain is under consideration for a Federal Reserve governorship, CNBC has confirmed. Cain, 73, is a former chairman of the Kansas City Fed, having served at the bank from 1989-96 before leaving to pursue political activities full time. Cain met with President Donald Trump on Wednesday at the White House, where he...

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