• Attorney October 25, 2019 5:57 am

    Tally of Children Split at Border Tops 5,400 in New Count

    U.S. immigration authorities separated more than 1,500 children from their parents at the Mexico border early in the Trump administration, the American Civil Liberties Union said Thursday, bringing the total number of children separated since July 2017 to more than 5,400. The ACLU said the administration told its attorneys that 1,556 children were separated from July 1, 2017, to June...

  • judge May 18, 2019 7:09 pm

    1,700 Additional Separated Migrant Children Identified by Trump Administration

    The Trump administration has identified at least 1,712 migrant children it may have separated from their parents in addition to those separated under the “zero tolerance” policy, according to court transcripts of a Friday hearing. U.S. District Court Judge Dana Sabraw ordered the Trump administration to identify children separated before the zero tolerance policy went into effect in May 2018,...

  • Donald Trump December 6, 2018 3:10 pm

    81 Migrant Children Separated From Parents Since June

    The Trump administration separated 81 migrant children from their families at the U.S.-Mexico border since the June executive order that stopped the general practice amid a crackdown on illegal crossings, according to government data obtained by The Associated Press. Despite the order and a federal judge’s later ruling, immigration officials are allowed to separate a child from a parent in...

  • judge August 17, 2018 10:43 pm

    Judge Tells US Officials, ACLU to Come Up With Asylum Plan

    A federal judge on Friday called on the U.S. government and the American Civil Liberties Union to come up with a plan to address the rights of parents and children separated at the U.S.-Mexico border to seek asylum. The request was made during a hearing a day after U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw extended a freeze on deportations of recently...

  • Donald Trump August 3, 2018 2:30 pm

    US, ACLU Divided on How to Reunify Separated Families

    The Trump administration and the American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday revealed widely divergent plans on how to reunite hundreds of immigrant children with parents who have been deported since the families were separated at the U.S.-Mexico border. President Donald Trump’s administration puts the onus on the ACLU, asking that the organization use its “considerable resources” to find parents in...

  • Donald Trump July 31, 2018 5:32 pm

    HHS Warned Trump Administration Family Separations Bad for Kids: Official

    A Department of Health and Human Services official told senators Tuesday that his agency had warned the Trump administration that separating families would be dangerous for children. But some of the government’s top immigration officials used a Senate hearing to largely defend how the policy has been implemented, with one comparing family detention centers to “a summer camp.” One official...

  • Donald Trump July 26, 2018 5:36 am

    DHS Chief Asserts Family Reunifications on Track: Lawmakers

    The chief of the Homeland Security Department has told members of Congress that the government is “on track” to meet Thursday’s court-ordered deadline of reuniting hundreds of migrant children with their families, lawmakers who met privately with her said.

  • Attorney July 25, 2018 6:50 am

    Judge Faults Government Tracking of Separated Families

    A federal judge on Tuesday criticized the Trump administration’s accounting of hundreds of parents who may have been deported after being separated from their children at the U.S.-Mexico border, calling it “a deeply troubling reality.” U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw was responding to a government court filing that said 463 parents may not be in the United States. The government...

  • United States July 20, 2018 11:31 am

    Fewer Than 15 Percent of Separated Migrant Kids and Teens Reunited With Their Parents

    Court filing reveals new details of government’s effort to reunite families that were separated at the border. The government identifies more than 1,600 families are “possibly eligible” for reunification.

  • Trump administration July 16, 2018 11:24 pm

    Judge Temporarily Halts Deportation of Reunified Families

    A federal judge on Monday ordered a temporary halt to deportations of immigrant families reunited after being separated at the border, as the Trump administration races to meet a July 26 deadline for putting more than 2,500 children back in their parents’ arms. U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw imposed a delay of at least a week after a request from...

  • President July 13, 2018 5:12 pm

    Judge Commends Family Reunification, Eyes Next Deadline

    U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw said at a hearing in San Diego that the government has demonstrated good faith and largely complied with a deadline this week to reunite families with children under 5 years old.

  • Associated Press July 12, 2018 3:26 am

    Immigrant Parents Happy But Traumatized After Reuniting With Kids

    Immigrant parents who reveled after joyful reunions with their young children spoke Wednesday of the traumatic impact of being separated from their sons and daughters for months after they were taken from them at the U.S. border....
    The administration has been scrambling to reunify the families this week to meet the first of two deadlines set by a federal judge in...

  • Associated Press July 11, 2018 9:44 pm

    Immigrant Dads Reunited With Young Sons

    Two immigrant fathers who were separated from their young sons for almost two months following the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy have been reunited with their children in New York City.

  • Donald Trump July 11, 2018 7:34 am

    Government Falls Short of Deadline to Reunite Migrant Kids, Parents

    Late last month, U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw in San Diego set a 14-day deadline to reunite children under 5 with their parents and a 30-day deadline for older children. Government attorneys told Sabraw Tuesday afternoon that “only four” had been reunited ahead of the July 10 deadline, NBC News reported. In trying to meet the first deadline, the government...

  • Donald Trump July 10, 2018 6:53 am

    Judge Rejects Request to Detain Migrant Families Long-Term

    A California federal judge on Monday rejected the Trump administration’s efforts to detain immigrant families for long terms, calling it a “cynical attempt” to undo a longstanding court settlement. U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee said the federal government had failed to present new evidence to support revising a court order that limits detaining children who crossed the border illegally for...

  • Attorney July 9, 2018 11:28 pm

    US to Reunite, Release Half of Detained Migrant Kids Under 5

    More than 50 immigrant children under age 5 will be reunited with their parents by Tuesday’s court-ordered deadline for action by Trump administration, a government attorney said Monday. The families will be released after they are reunited. That’s only about half of the 100 or so infants and toddlers covered by the order.

  • Attorney July 7, 2018 7:50 pm

    Judge Insists Timeline be Met to Reunite Children at Border

    A judge insisted on Friday the Trump administration stick to a deadline to reunite children separated from their parents at the border, instead acknowledging that more time may be justified only in specific cases. U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw ordered the administration to share a list of the 101 children with the American Civil Liberties Union, which successfully sued to...

  • Congress June 30, 2018 8:31 am

    U.S. Lawyers Say Immigrant Families Can Be Detained Under New Ruling

    The Trump administration says a ruling this week by a federal judge in San Diego requiring the government to reunify families separated at the border means authorities can legally keep families detained until their cases are complete. The interpretation means immigrant families could spend months or even years in detention — even those seeking asylum — because of a years-long...

  • Attorney May 5, 2018 2:25 pm

    Judge Considers Banning Separation of Families at Border

    A federal judge asked pointed questions of the Trump administration and the American Civil Liberties Union on Friday over a proposed ban on U.S. immigration authorities separating parents from their children at the border.

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