• Commission on Presidential Debates Aug 7

    Commission Rejects Trump Push to Add Debate Against Biden

    The nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates has rejected a request from the Trump campaign to either add an additional general election debate or move up the calendar for the contests.

  • University of Notre Dame Jul 28

    Notre Dame Withdraws as 2020 Presidential Debate Host Citing Coronavirus Threat

    The University of Notre Dame has withdrawn from hosting the first 2020 presidential debate, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced Monday.

  • Donald Trump Oct 2, 2016

    Trump Overshadows His Own Economic Message

    Thousands of Michigan voters roared with approval as Donald Trump lashed out at an economic system he said was rigged against everyday Americans. They cheered louder when he declared that Hillary Clinton was to blame. “I am going to fight so hard for all of you,” the Republican presidential nominee boomed as he read from a teleprompter, “and I am...

  • Donald Trump Sep 30, 2016

    Debate Commission Confirms Trump's Mic Had ‘Issues'

    The nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates says there was indeed a problem with Donald Trump’s microphone during Monday night’s first general election debate. The commission says on its website that “there were issues regarding Donald Trump’s audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall.” There was no noticeable issue with the sound on television.

  • Donald Trump Sep 27, 2016

    The Most Memorable Moments From 1st General Election Debate

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off in the first presidential debate on Monday night. The candidates traded barbs and accusations throughout the often-tense 90 minute event at New York’s Hofstra University; Clinton accused Trump of “a long record of engaging in racist behavior,” referencing a justice department lawsuit accusing him of not renting apartments to African Americans. Trump mocked…

  • President Sep 16, 2016

    Ralph Nader Defends Third-Party Candidates, Calls Political System ‘Spoiled'

    Ralph Nader says he has no plans to run for president again, but the man who some blame for Al Gore’s loss to George W. Bush in the 2000 election insists that third-party candidates are still not “spoilers.” The political activist and former candidate dismissed the idea that there are no choices in what is shaping up to be a...

  • Donald Trump Sep 2, 2016

    Holt, Wallace Among Presidential Debate Moderators

    NBC News chief anchor Lester Holt will moderate the first scheduled presidential debate on Sept. 26, with ABC’s Martha Raddatz, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace lined up for others. The Commission on Presidential Debates also said Friday that CBS News’ Elaine Quijano will moderate the vice presidential debate between Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine...

  • Donald Trump Aug 2, 2016

    Trump Misfires on NFL/Debate Claim

    Donald Trump made the baseless accusation that the Hillary Clinton campaign was plotting to schedule two of three presidential debates on nights with NFL football games in order to limit viewership. The dates were set by the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates long before either Trump or Clinton secured their parties’ presidential nominations, and before the National Football League even...

  • New York Jul 19, 2016

    First Presidential Debate Moved to NY

    The first presidential debate of 2016 will happen in New York, after the original host pulled out over security costs.

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