• vaccine Oct 20

    Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine Could Be Ready by December

    Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine could be ready by the end of the year – if it’s proven safe.

  • Google Jul 29

    Google CEO Responds to Claim GOP Emails Go to Spam

    During a House Antitrust Subcommittee Hearing Wednesday, Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., claimed Google’s algorithm for marking emails as spam was targeting “only” conservative Republican campaign emails. Steube said a supporter told him campaign emails were “suddenly” going to his spam folder. Google CEO Sundar Pichai denied that was the case, and Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., offered her own rebuke. “I’m...

  • Goya Jul 10

    Goya Faces Backlash After CEO Praises Trump

    Several social media users are boycotting Goya Foods after the company’s CEO praised President Trump at the White House Thursday. Critics say the CEO’s comments are shortsighted given the Trump administration’s history of derogatory comments and actions toward the Hispanic community, particularly regarding the U.S. – Mexico border. Supporters of Goya are defending the brand on social media with...

  • New Zealand May 25

    CEO Buying Struggling New Zealand Media Company for $1

    One of New Zealand’s largest media organizations is being sold for a single dollar to its chief executive

  • JP Morgan Mar 6

    JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon Recovering From Emergency Heart Surgery

    JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon underwent emergency heart surgery Thursday for an acute aortic dissection, the company announced.

  • CEO Feb 24

    Pet Tech Helps Keep Animals Safe, Connected While You're Out

    Technology isn’t just for humans anymore. It’s also for their furry friends....
    In Silicon Valley and beyond, a growing number of startups are selling devices to keep pets safe, healthy, entertained and connected when their owners are away. “Pet tech” entrepreneurs and investors see a big opportunity as pet ownership grows and owners show a willingness to spend serious money on...

  • California Feb 24

    Delaware Becomes First No-Kill State for US Shelter Animals

    In a watershed moment for animal lovers, America has its first no-kill state: Delaware. The nonprofit Best Friends Animal Society, which is working with shelters, animal welfare organizations and government agencies across the country to make America a no-kill country by 2025, announced the news at their annual conference in Dallas, Texas. Linda Torelli, director of marketing for the Brandywine...

  • United States Feb 24

    More Companies Allowing Employees to Bring Dogs to Work

    Do you have a hard time saying goodbye to your dog in the morning? There’s some good news if the answer to that question is yes. More and more companies in and around Boston are letting their workers bring their four legged friends to the office. Harpoon Brewery is one of the first to hop on this new perk for...

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Feb 20

    Nameowste: ‘Kitten Yoga' Helps Felines and Humans Alike

    Crumbs & Whiskers in LA has taken the meowist exercise trend and made it even more adorable by incorporating foster kittens to the practice instead of cats. Kanchan Singh, founder and CEO of Crumbs & Whiskers discusses how ‘Kitten Yoga’ helps kittens and humans alike.

  • CEO Feb 20

    Dog Who Lived Under a Bed for 2 Years Gets ‘Cinderella' Makeover

    A neglected dog has made a stunning recovery after being brought to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Richmond, Virginia, this past April, TODAY.com reported. The dog, whom the SPCA renamed Lionheart, was surrendered by his owner — and it was immediately clear he needed care. “We realized what a terrible case of neglect it was,”...

  • Bernard Ebbers Feb 3

    Bernie Ebbers, Ex-CEO Convicted in WorldCom Scandal, Dies

    Bernie Ebbers, the convicted former chief of telecoms company WorldCom, has died

  • AirBnB Dec 5, 2019

    Airbnb Introduces New Rules to Rein in Parties, Nuisances

    Airbnb is taking more steps to crack down on parties and nuisance guests in the wake of a Halloween shooting at an Airbnb rental in a San Francisco suburb where five people were killed. The company said Thursday it’s banning “open invite” parties at all of its accommodations. Those are parties open to anyone and advertised on social media, for...

  • CEO Dec 1, 2019

    Self-Driving Cars Were Supposed to Be Here Already — Here's Why They Aren't

    More companies are trying to bring self-driving cars to the masses than ever before. Yet a truly autonomous vehicle still doesn’t exist. And it’s not clear if, or when, our driverless future will arrive. Proponents in the industry, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Waymo CEO John Krafcik and Cruise CEO Dan Ammann, touted an aggressive timeline but missed and reset...

  • Chicago Nov 30, 2019

    Michigan, Illinois Set to Usher in Recreational Pot Sales

    James Daly is eager to make marijuana history on Sunday, when he plans to open the doors to Arbors Wellness, beckon the lengthy line outside and legally start selling recreational pot for the first time in the Midwest. “We’ve worked very hard to be prepared,” said Daly, who owns the medical dispensary that, for now, is among just six shops...

  • CEO Nov 27, 2019

    It's a Make-or-Break Holiday Season for These 6 Retailers

    For many, the holidays spark joy, and are a time to relax in the comfort of family and friends. If you’re in retail, however, it’s a bit of a different story — especially if your business is struggling.

  • Chicago Nov 27, 2019

    Donation Bins: For Charity or For Profit?

    Clothing donation bins are conveniently located at gas stations, parking lots and sidewalks throughout the city and suburbs that make it easy for residents to give away unwanted items. But NBC 5 Investigates has found many are operated, not by charities, but by for-profit companies that are difficult to track.

  • CEO Nov 27, 2019

    New Jersey-Based Arts and Crafts Retailer A.C. Moore Closing All 145 Stores

    New Jersey-based arts and crafts retailer A.C. Moore will close all 145 of its stores, parent company Nicole Crafts announced on Monday.

  • Donald Trump Nov 26, 2019

    SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan Resigns

    Melanie Whelan is resigning from her position as chief executive officer of SoulCycle, effective Tuesday, the company told CNBC Make It. Both sides felt it was time for a leadership transition, according to a person briefed on the decision who asked not to be named because those discussions were private. A spokesperson for SoulCycle declined to comment on the impetus...

  • California Nov 25, 2019

    Charles Schwab Buys TD Ameritrade in Brokerage Blockbuster

    Charles Schwab is buying rival TD Ameritrade in a $26 billion stock swap, a blockbuster agreement brought about by massive disruption in the online brokerage industry. Bowing to competitive pressure, brokerages have made it free for customers to trade U.S. stocks online. A combination of two of the biggest players in the industry would allow Schwab to save billions of...

  • CEO Nov 25, 2019

    Grocery Carrying Robots Are Coming. Do We Need Them?

    The first cargo-carrying robot marketed directly to consumers is on sale this holiday season. But how many people are ready to ditch their second car to buy a two-wheeled rover that can follow them around like a dog? Corporate giants like Amazon, FedEx and Ford have already been experimenting with sending delivery robots to doorsteps. Now Piaggio, the Italian company...

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