• CEO Nov 24, 2018

    White House Deputy Chief Receiving Millions From Fox

    White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications Bill Shine has received millions of dollars in severance from Fox News Channel’s parent company and is owed millions more, a new financial disclosure report shows.

  • Associated Press May 3, 2018

    Trump Boasts NDAs a Common Practice for ‘Celebrities and People of Wealth'

    Following the revelation Wednesday that President Trump had reimbursed his personal attorney Michael Cohen for a $130,000 payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels, Trump went on to say the business transaction violated no laws and then boasted that non disclosure agreements such as the one signed by Daniels on his behalf was very common for “celebrities and people of wealth.”

  • United States Apr 4, 2018

    Partisan Divide in US on Views of Sexual Harassment: Survey

    Democrats and Republicans, on the whole, have markedly different views about sexual harassment in the workplace, according to a new, large-scale survey by the Pew Research Center conducted against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement. According to Pew, about six in 10 Democrats say the United States has a major problem on its hands in terms of men getting away...

  • Eric Hinton Mar 22, 2018

    Former Fox News Anchor Sues Bill O'Reilly for Defamation

    A former Fox News anchor has sued Bill O’Reilly for defamation. Former anchor Laurie Dhue filed the lawsuit Thursday in Manhattan federal. It claims O’Reilly engaged in a “smear campaign” against her and other women who accused him of sexual misconduct.

  • Donald Trump Feb 10, 2018

    Trump's Support for Accused Abuser Fits Pattern

    President Donald Trump has offered lots of supportive words for men accused of misconduct toward women. He says he’s personally been falsely accused, after all. The president has voiced far less sympathy for women who have accused — and toppled — powerful men across Congress, the media, Hollywood and more.

  • spokesman Dec 20, 2017

    Woman with Complaint Against Fox's Ailes Settles Case

    The lawyer for a former Fox News contributor who sued the network for sexual harassment says she has settled her case. Julie Roginsky claimed her Fox career stalled after she rebuffed the advances of late Fox News chief Roger Ailes. A spokesman for her lawyer, Nancy Erika Smith, would give no details about the settlement on Tuesday. Fox did not...

  • Eric Hinton Dec 4, 2017

    Former Fox News Producer Sues O'Reilly, Claims He Broke 2002 Settlement Agreement

    An ex-producer has sued former Fox News Channel personality Bill O’Reilly, claiming he violated a confidentiality agreement related to a 2002 settlement reached over his alleged mistreatment.

  • NBC News Nov 14, 2017

    ‘Hannity' Fans Smash Keurig Brewers Over Pulled Ads

    Supporters of conservative host Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel show are responding to a decision by Keurig to stop advertising on the show by smashing Keurig coffee makers....
    The company announced Saturday it had pulled advertising from “Hannity” after several Twitter users questioned the company’s support for the host, citing Hannity’s coverage of sexual misconduct allegations against Republican U.S. Senate candidate...

  • social media Oct 27, 2017

    Timberlake at Super Bowl: White Male Privilege Again?

    The booking of Justin Timberlake for the Super Bowl halftime show has triggered a backlash from women, minorities and others who say Janet Jackson was unfairly forced to pay a far higher price than he ever faced for that breast-baring “wardrobe malfunction” at the big game in 2004.

  • NBCUniversal Inc. Oct 26, 2017

    ‘Late Night': Megyn Kelly on Why She Spoke Out on Bill O'Reilly

    Seth Meyers talks with Megyn Kelly, who talks about why she directly addressed Bill O’Reilly and his sexual harassment allegations on a recent broadcast of her show.

  • NBC Oct 24, 2017

    O'Reilly Dropped by Talent Agency After Reports of Sexual Harassment

    Bill O’Reilly will no longer be represented by his talent agency once his current deal ends, a source told NBC News. O’Reilly’s contract with United Talent Agency expires at the end of the year. The “parting of ways,” as a source told NBC News, comes after the former Fox News host reportedly settled a $32 million sexual harassment lawsuit with...

  • CEO May 25, 2018

    The Powerful Men in the News Accused of Sexual Misconduct

    High-powered Hollywood executives and stars. Celebrity chefs. A doctor working with young Olympic athletes. Journalists and artists. A former U.S. president and current senator. As waves of women and men come forward to tell their stories, these are among the powerful men that have recently been accused of sexual misconduct. Thousands of people have shared their stories of harassment and...

  • NBC Oct 23, 2017

    Megyn Kelly: I Complained About Bill O'Reilly to Fox News

    Megyn Kelly said Monday that she complained about Bill O’Reilly while they were both working at Fox News, contradicting a statement from an O’Reilly spokesman who claimed, in response to a report that O’Reilly settled a $32 million sexual harassment claim, that no complaints were ever made about him at the network. On NBC’s “Megyn Kelly Today,” Kelly went on...

  • NBC Oct 22, 2017

    Fox Renewed O'Reilly Contract Despite Knowing of Allegations

    The Fox News Channel says the company knew a news analyst planned to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill O’Reilly when it renewed the popular personality’s contract in February. The New York Times reported Saturday the company renewed the TV host’s contract after he reached a $32 million settlement with the analyst. NBC News has not independently confirmed the...

  • Donald Trump Oct 18, 2017

    Shock, Anger Over Weinstein at NY Women Filmmakers Event

    Anger, shock, unity and solidarity: Those were the prevailing emotions on Tuesday at a Manhattan event for women filmmakers, writers and actors, where the Harvey Weinstein scandal wasn’t far from anyone’s mind.

  • Attorney Oct 9, 2017

    Harvey Weinstein Ousted From His Production Company

    Media mogul Harvey Weinstein was fired from the company he co-founded days after The New York Times published a report on decades of sexual harassment allegations against him.

  • Donald Trump Sep 9, 2017

    Eric Bolling Out at Fox News

    Fox News Channel said Friday it has parted ways with host Eric Bolling, who had been suspended last month following allegations that he sent lewd photos to female co-workers.

  • President Aug 11, 2017

    Fired Fox News Host Bill O'Reilly Launches Daily Online Show

    Ousted Fox News Channel star Bill O’Reilly has launched an experimental video comeback with a daily online show. The initial half-hour was posted on his website Wednesday for premium subscribers, originating from what he called a “new prototype studio.” He requested input from viewers for what he characterized as a “sneak preview.” He said it would be made available to...

  • Donald Trump Aug 6, 2017

    Fox News Host Eric Bolling Suspended Amid Investigation

    Fox News said Saturday that it has suspended Eric Bolling, co-host of its late-afternoon news program “The Specialists,” while it investigates allegations he sent a lewd photo to co-workers. Word of the suspension came one day after a HuffPost report relying on anonymous sources stated Bolling had sent a lewd photo to at least three female colleagues at Fox News...

  • Attorney Jul 7, 2017

    Fox Business Host Charles Payne Suspended During Investigation

    A Fox Business Network host has been suspended after a contributor reportedly accused him of sexual harassment.

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