• georgia Nov 25, 2019

    Jessye Norman Remembered as Force of Nature at Met Memorial

    Jessye Norman was remembered as a force of nature as thousands filled the Metropolitan Opera House on Sunday for a celebration of the soprano, who died Sept. 30 at age 74.

  • spokesman Apr 14, 2019

    Strong Storms in US South Kill at Least 8, Injure Dozens

    Powerful storms swept across the South on Sunday after unleashing suspected tornadoes and flooding that killed at least eight people, injured dozens and flattened much of a Texas town. Three children were among the dead. Nearly 90,000 customers were without electricity in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Georgia as of midday Sunday, according to as the severe weather left...

  • food Mar 31, 2019

    Ex-Springfield Man Gets 2 Years in Prison for Medicaid Fraud

    A former Springfield man has been sentenced to two years in federal prison for Medicaid fraud.

  • NBC Feb 12, 2019

    Amid Measles Outbreak, People Are Getting Long-Delayed Vaccines

    People, including some teenagers, are getting their first vaccinations amid a measles outbreak in 10 states, NBC News reported. Eighteen-year-old Mayci from Augusta, Georgia, said her mother raised her to believe “vaccines are bad, this is something we don’t do,” but changed her mind after going on Reddit for advice when she heard about the outbreak. Georgia is one of...

  • Donald Trump Aug 23, 2018

    Reality Winner, Leaker of Secret NSA Report on Russian Hacking, Gets 5 Years

    A former government contractor who pleaded guilty to mailing a classified U.S. report to a news organization was sentenced to more than five years in prison Thursday as part of a deal with prosecutors, who called it the longest sentence ever imposed for a federal crime involving leaks to the news media. Reality Winner, 26, pleaded guilty in June to...

  • President Jul 26, 2018

    ‘One Gigantic Honeymoon’: Philly Couple Celebrates 78 Years of Marriage

    Otis and Ann Bryson recently celebrated their 78th wedding anniversary, and recalled their life, including being honored by President Obama and listening to their grandson play tuba for The Roots.

  • georgia Apr 5, 2018

    Tour Bus Overturns on Way to Masters; Driver Charged With DUI: Police

    A charter bus headed to the Masters golf tournament overturned on a Georgia interstate Thursday, injuring 15 people and snarling traffic as scores of fans made the pilgrimage to one of the sport’s premier events. The bus driver was charged with driving under the influence. The bus carrying 18 passengers crashed about 8:45 a.m. Thursday, just as fans were driving...

  • judge Oct 5, 2017

    Judge Denies Bail for Woman Accused of Leaking US Secrets

    A woman charged with leaking U.S. secrets must remain jailed until her trial, a federal judge ruled Thursday, saying her release would pose an “ongoing risk to national security.”...
    Reality Winner, 25, is a former Air Force linguist who worked as a contractor for the National Security Agency at a facility in Augusta, Georgia, when she was charged in June with...

  • Donald Trump Jun 6, 2017

    Accused Leaker Shared Harsh Opinions on Trump Before Arrest

    Before she was charged with leaking U.S. government secrets to a reporter, Reality Leigh Winner shared sometimes scathing opinions on President Donald Trump and his policies for the whole world to see....
    The 25-year-old U.S. government contractor has worked since February in Augusta, Georgia, for a federal agency that neither prosecutors nor her defense lawyer will name and where she had...

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Jun 6, 2017

    Report Suggests Russia Hackers Breached Voting Software Firm

    Russian hackers attacked at least one U.S. voting software supplier days before last year’s presidential election, according to a government intelligence report leaked Monday that suggests election-related hacking penetrated further into U.S. voting systems than previously known. The classified National Security Agency report, which was published online by The Intercept, does not say whether the hacking had any effect on...

  • georgia May 3, 2017

    Army Photographer Captured Image of Explosion That Took Her Life

    The U.S. Army has published the final photo from a combat photographer who captured on camera the blast that killed her in an accidental mortar explosion in Afghanistan nearly four years ago. The Army’s professional journal says the image illustrates how women are increasingly exposed to dangerous situations in the military....
    The photograph of Spc. Hilda Clayton was published Monday in...

  • NBC Apr 12, 2017

    Rep. Joe Wilson’s ‘You Lie’ Line Used Against Him at Contentious Town Hall

    In 2009, Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., shouted “You lie” at President Barack Obama during a major speech. At a town hall meeting Monday, an angry crowd used that infamous line against him, NBC News reported. The interjection earned Wilson a rebuke, and he later apologized to Obama, who accepted. People at the town hall in Aiken County Monday were riled...

  • georgia Mar 9, 2017

    WikiLeaks to Help Shield Tech Firms From CIA’s Hacking Tools

    WikiLeaks will work with technology companies to help defend them against the CIA’s hacking tools, founder Julian Assange said Thursday. The move sets up a potential conflict between Silicon Valley firms eager to protect their products and an intelligence agency stung by the radical transparency group’s disclosures. In an online news conference, Assange acknowledged that some companies had asked for...

  • georgia Mar 7, 2017

    WikiLeaks Reveals CIA Files Describing Hacking Tools

    WikiLeaks published thousands of documents Tuesday described as secret files about CIA hacking tools the government employs to break into users’ computers, mobile phones and even smart TVs from companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung. The documents describe clandestine methods for bypassing or defeating encryption, antivirus tools and other protective security features intended to keep the private information of...

  • georgia Sep 15, 2016

    Georgia State Wildlife Officers Searching For 14 Pythons After Pet Snakes Escape

    In a real life version of the children’s reader “Snakes Alive!”, state wildlife officers are searching for 14 pythons in an east Georgia subdivision after a woman reported that someone let the pet snakes loose.

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