• Solar POwer Sep 21, 2021

    We Can't Solve Climate Change Without Solar Power — But Where to Put the Panels?

    Solar farms are key to the future of green energy, but they come with a problem — how to build solar farms without doing more environmental harm. But fourteen miles of sustainable highway in west Georgia is proving that roadside solar on the interstate system makes good environmental and financial sense. NBCLX storyteller Chase Cain reports from Georgia.

  • New York Sep 1, 2021

    Can Fire Island Be Saved From Climate Change — And Should We Even Try?

    New York’s Fire Island has a storied history as a summer haven for the LGBTQ community. But today, its future is at risk as accelerating sea level rise driven by climate change is forecast to put much of the community underwater within decades. As more communities across the U.S. are threatened by flooding and wildfires, the country faces a question:...

  • Wildfires Aug 26, 2021

    As Wildfire Season Gets Longer, Residents of At-Risk Areas Face a Hard Choice

    The devastation of towns like Grizzly Flats, California, by wildfire is become a more common occurrence. A new report by Climate Central shows that the number of “fire weather days” each year — days that are hot, dry and windy — have soared over the past 5 decades. NBCLX Chase Cain reports from California’s Caldor fire.

  • 20LX Aug 18, 2021

    The Next Hurricane Katrina Could Be Worse — And Happen 600 Miles From the Coast

    We remember the scenes of devastation when New Orleans’ levees were breached during Hurricane Katrina — contributing to the deaths of more than 1,800 people. But many don’t realize that other levee systems, protecting 20 million Americans across the country, are also at risk of failing due to age and the worsening effects of climate change. One of the systems...

  • 20LX Aug 12, 2021

    Could Kelp Be the Key to Stopping Our Climate Crisis?

    If the world is able to stop, or even reverse, global warming, we may just have kelp to thank. And that’s because kelp is really good at “carbon sequestration,” or pulling carbon out of the air. In 2020, NBCLX storyteller Chase Cain visited an ocean farming operation off the coast of California that has since gone bankrupt. But while that...

  • Olympic Torch Aug 5, 2021

    How Tokyo Turned the Olympic Flame Into a Symbol of a Sustainable Future

    Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe — and it may just be the key to a carbon-free world. During its time on the world stage, the city of Tokyo is using it to fuel the Olympic Flame as a way to showcase its possibilities as a green energy source. NBCLX storyteller Chase Cain reports from the Tokyo...

  • coastal erosion Jul 28, 2021

    How California's Crumbling Coastline Affects the Housing Market in Idaho

    Coastal erosion and sea level rise are collapsing cliffs on the California coast and threatening multimillion dollar homes and critical infrastructure. And that is creating a chain of events that reaches far inland — affecting housing markets in places like Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. NBCLX storyteller Chase Cain explains how coastal erosion affects all of us — and why it’s a...

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