2024 Paris Olympics

Ralph Lauren unveils Team USA uniforms for 2024 Paris Olympic Ceremonies

This year marks the ninth time the clothing company will get to design the U.S. squad's uniforms.

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Ralph Lauren is styling the uniforms Team USA will wear for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer. 

This will mark the ninth time the clothing company will get to design the U.S. squad's uniforms.

The goal of this year’s look is to bring sporty elegance into the modern era, Ralph Lauren said in a press release.

“Ralph Lauren is profoundly honored to define the look of the American delegation as they represent our country in one of the world’s most celebrated and storied events,” David Lauren, chief branding and innovation officer for Ralph Lauren, said in a statement. “This summer, Paris is the backdrop where fashion and sport will collide on the world’s biggest stage with a global audience and that is an incredibly exciting exposition.”

Ahead of 2024 Paris, here is what you need to know about Team USA's uniforms and what they will look like:

A group of people pose for a photo with the American flag in the background.
Ralph Lauren
Team USA's opening ceremony uniforms feature a single-breasted blazer and a striped Oxford shirt. Credit: Ralph Lauren

What will Team USA wear for the Opening Ceremony?

For the Opening Ceremony, Team USA will sport a navy blue jacket, a blue striped dress shirt, blue-washed jeans and beige suede shoes. Men will add a navy blue tie to the look.

The jacket will have red and white stripes along the edges, pockets and wrists. There will be a Ralph Lauren logo on the upper left pocket while the right features the team logo.

The belt will have “Team USA” on it written in white and blue colors.

Ralph Lauren
Team USA's closing ceremony look features a racer-style jacket and white denim jeans. Credit: Ralph Lauren

What will Team USA wear for the Closing Ceremony?

Team USA will be decked out in predominantly white to close out the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The look will include a moto-style denim jacket, jeans, polo, and hat, along with a belt and shoes that are styled in the Opening Ceremony look.

The jacket has three stripes across the chest that are red, navy blue, and lighter blue. The word “USA” is featured in the middle of the navy blue stripe in large, block lettering. 

The bottom blue stripe has the words “24 Team USA” on the right side while the left side of the stripe says “Team USA.

Below the stripe, there is a blue and gold match with a symbol of the athlete’s sport. 

The top of the jacket has a Ralph Lauren logo on the left shoulder along with “U.S. Olympic Team” while the right shoulder has an American flag badge with the iconic Olympic rings.

The all-white pants have “Team USA” lettering along the side of the left leg next to an American flag. 

The hat is red, white and blue with the team logo placed in the center with the year 2024 written.

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