Mother's Day Makeover Finalist: Karen King

Submitted by Megan King, Karen's daughter:

My mom may not wear a super-hero cape but she sure does deserve one. She takes care of 4 generations that live in our home; ages range from 7-90. She takes care of every single person and checks in with everybody every day. The 7 people that live in our home is her 90 year old father, her husband (my dad), 2 granddaughters (my nieces), my sister (who had 5 wrist surgeries in 2011) and then there is me. My name is Megan and I am 23 years old. I have had 22 orthopedic surgeries since 2006 in 4 different states. She has been there every step of the way and I do not know one other person that could do a better job of handling everything than her. She is constantly taking care of others and putting everyone else’s needs before her own. The way she carries herself makes everything she does look effortless; most of our family and friends do not realize what all she puts up with on a day-to-day basis. She is a true inspiration to us all.

When my mom got cancer in 2004, she told me, “Sometimes we can’t control what happens to our bodies so take control of the things you can.” That phrase has stuck in my head ever since. If we went about life feeling as though we do not have control over anything, it would make for a miserable life for sure. Her phrase has been my mantra ever since I got injured in 2005. My mom firmly believes for every negative, you have to offset it with a positive. Ex: you have to go to the doctor to get your staples removed so go out to lunch first. If she didn’t incorporate fun and humor around the house, I know we wouldn’t be able to get through the hard days.

My mom has a contagious, quirky spirit that makes anyone smile. There is something special about my mom that no matter where she goes, strangers always talk to her. It’s the weirdest thing. She can just be standing in line and all of a sudden random people start talking to her. She must give off a good aura. Music is our way of escaping the daily struggles of day to day life. My mom listens to all types of music. Whether it be my grandpa BLASTING Big Band music, my nieces playing their One Direction CD, or all of the random stations that she has set in her car. Currently her favorite song is Feel This Moment by Pitbull ft Christina Aguilera.

Without a doubt, my mom deserves to be Queen for the day. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, breast cancer survivor (celebrated 9 years remission in Jan.) and is the BEST caregiver anybody could ask for. This year in particular, is going to be a very challenging, adventurous year. She will be taking me for medical treatment to Colorado which is crazy expensive! Insurance companies don't cover airfare, food, lodging etc. She and I have been to CO 3, soon to be 4 times since October 2012. Since my shoulder injuries are so complicated and severe, my doctor wants me to live in CO for physical therapy for 2-3 months. My mom will be there EVERY step of the way for me. She is a “Mama Bear” who protects, supports, and loves with all her heart.

My mom really gives everything her all; PLEASE CHOOSE HER! She deserves something special!!

Thank you so much,


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