Mother's Day Make Over Finalist: Honorina Vizcaino

Submitted by Gabriela Piro, Honorina's daughter:

My name is Gabriela Piro and I'd like to formally enter my mom, Honorina (a.k.a. Nori) Vizcaino, the strongest, selfless mother I know for the "2013 Mother's Day Makeover Contest." Throughout my 36-years of life (I'm the oldest of three kids), my mom has always put her children/family first and foremost in her life. She spent the majority of her life raising us three crazy kids as a stay at home mom and taking care of her hub and for 38 years ... until his recent passing this past January.  My mom has always prioritized ensuring the family was happy and fulfilled way above and beyond her own self -- she made sure we had the "trendy" clothes, purses, toys, gimmicks and whatever else we cried and begged for. My mother barely ever splurged on herself and still today never treats herself to anything  -- she'll buy me a $80face cream from Bloomingdale's and by herself a $10 one from Target. And even though all three kids have long left the nest and are now married, she still can't seem to bring herself to splurge or concentrate on herself. She prefers to give onto others.

I think this make-over is the perfect kick-start to what my mom needs and deserves. After the recent passing of my father in January, its been very stressful on her and the rest of us as she learns to embrace her new future -- living on her own, managing her own finances/check book, and down-sizing her home. I can't imagine its easy on her but she seems to be pulling through this like a champ. I would love nothing more than to give my mom this amazing makeover this coming Mother's Day. I'd love to finally "give back"!!!


A little about my mom...
Honorina Vizcaino

63 years old

mother of 3, grandmother and caretaker to a 1.5 year old boy

Resides in Naperville, IL

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