Mother's Day Make Over Finalist: Anne Locy

Submitted by Catherine Lutsey, Anne's daughter:

I know you're receiving many loving emails from devoted children near and far and this one will be no different...with one exception: my mother doesn't know she wants this.

She's much like the other mothers you're hearing about. In my thirty years she's been constantly self-sacrificing, courageous and frugal, having never paid more than $25 for a haircut and has no idea what a facial even entails.
Recently, while caring for my dying grandmother, she admitted as she was massaging her feet and cutting her nails that she herself had never had a professional massage nor a mani/pedi.
My mother's focus is on the simple things in life including work, cooking for herself and my father, spoiling my son, her only grandchild thus far, and going for her two mile walks per day. I'd love her to be able to spend a day relaxing and having others cater to her in a way she's not even aware exists!
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