Making A Difference Sep 8, 2021

Supporting Our Schools: Nominate a Teacher Going Above and Beyond

Do you know a teacher going above and beyond for their students and making a difference? Let’s show them the gratitude they deserve.

  • Liz Lane Aug 12, 2018

    Back-to-School Shopping: How and When to Get the Best Deals

    The summer weather may still be in full force, but fall is definitely in the air, at least when you consider one of the year’s biggest retail events: Back-to-school shopping. Here’s a list of expert tips on how to get the best savings — and navigate the chaos with as little stress as possible. Before heading out, be sure to...

  • Arizona Aug 9, 2018

    ‘A Struggle': 18 Percent of Teachers Work Multiple Jobs

    Jennifer Williams can’t afford to work just one job. In addition to teaching 10th grade English full time in Baltimore, the single mother works four side jobs, including a waitressing gig on nights and weekends. She also runs her school’s literary magazine, coaches volleyball and supervises the speech and debate team. In the U.S., about 18 percent ...
  • Jul 9, 2018

    ‘Supporting Our Schools' Aims to Help Chicago-Area Teachers and Students This Summer

    From July 8 through July 31, join NBC 5 and Telemundo Chicago’s “Supporting our Schools,” a giving campaign to help local teachers and students in need. This year, you pick the classrooms you want to directly impact across the city and suburbs.

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