Peoples Gas 9th Annual Team HEAT

Peoples Gas employees who work to provide residents with safe and reliable natural gas service throughout the year, were welcomed into customers’ homes on November 3rd for the company’s 9th Annual Team H.E.A.T. (Home Energy Assistance Together), a community service winterization project to help residents manage their energy costs.

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Omayra Garcia, community representative, Peoples Gas, hands a tee shirt to employee volunteer, Chris Hibbitt
Student volunteers from Curie High School and their service learning teachers work together to winterize homes in the community. The students earned community service learning hours for their participation.
Peoples Gas employee Robert Ruiz and his daughters, Jessica & Valerie, along with Prosser High School student, Manuel Lopez, are all smiles as they begin their morning of winterizing homes to make them more energy efficient
Lance Rainge (standing), general manager, Peoples Gas South Shop, provides instructions and safety information to volunteers for the Peoples Gas 9th Annual Team H.E.A.T. (Home Energy Assistance Together), a community service weatherization project.
(From left to right) Peoples Gas employee, Dulce Valadez, volunteer Shandra Defeo and Peoples Gas employees Julie Maupin and Reginald Flanagan prepare to leave after loading up with weatherization supplies.
Jake Burnett from Peoples Gas prepares to apply plastic sheeting around the window of a Peoples Gas customer.
Peoples Gas employees Jake Burnett (front) and Daniel Buchholz work together to apply weather stripping around a window.
Maria Ortiz, an employee of Peoples Gas, ensures she has the desired amount of plastic sheeting to cover the window before she begins applying it.
Peoples Gas South Shop employee, Daniel Buchholz, ensures that the plastic sheeting applied to the windows is sealed tightly by blowing drying it.
As they head to one of their assigned houses for weatherization, Peoples Gas employee, Agnes Palmejar-Takaki, gives her daughter Mia, a freshman at Lincoln Park High School, a few tips on what the process entails.
Randy Perez, a Peoples Gas employee shows his daughter, Ashley, the importance of volunteering
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