Ginger Zee Says Green is Universal and Personal

NBC 5 Meteorogist Says Green is Her Color

NBC5 Meteorologist Ginger Zee is doing double duty as NBC5's Green is Universal correspondent. Watch her "green" stories Thursdays on NBC5's 6 PM newscast. Is the Green is Universal movement something you personally believe in?
Ginger: Yes, Green is Universal is a movement I believe in. I grew up recycling, using a compost pile, and growing organic food on our farm in Michigan. I believe in conservation and sustainability. Whether or not you believe Global Warming is fact, no one can deny that the practice of conservation and sustainability are two practices that we need to imply.

NBC What have you personally done in your own personal life to go green?
Ginger: I have changed my bulbs to fluorescents, I live four blocks from work so driving is less of an issue, and I have become very conscious of the water flow in my apartment.

NBC5 Do you think Green is Universal is just a fad or a movement?
Ginger: This is not a fad. We have to make this a movement. I think each individual can inspire others to go Green. Tell your family and friends, practice it, make it part of your life.

NBC5 If I'm thinking about Green is Universal, what's the easiest thing I can do immediately?
Ginger: If you are thinking about being Green, the easiest thing to do immediately is conserve. Shut off lights, change the light bulbs to low-energy fluorescent, spend just a few dollars on low flow items for faucets and shower heads, recycle, reuse. Keep watching Green is Universal every Thursday at 6 PM on NBC5!

NBC Will we start seeing some green-related themes in your weather segments?
Ginger: I think that's a fabulous idea! The ironic thing is, I do the weather in front of a green screen, and because of that I can't actually wear green or I'll disappear!

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