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Weekend Web: Wow Factor Phones & Big Posters for Any Room

Feb. 28 and March 1, 2009

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    Weekend Web with Art Norman and Charlie Wojciechowski

    On Saturday, the Web Guys sampled the "wow factor" G1 phone from T-Mobile.  In fact, it just recently earned TIME Magazine Best Gadgets of 2008 list.  

    The new phone is powered by Google's Android operating system, has a slick slide-out keyboard, a big bright screen and a lot of power, T-Mobile Vice President Raj Tank said.

    Plus he said, "the Google Phone" allows users to scan the UPC code of a product, with the help of your camera,

    ShopSavvy allows customers to compare prices from online merchants and nearby local stores.

    Tank also showed off the all-new BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900 and the all-new eco-friendly Motorola W233 Renew.

    [Through March 31:  Get a free Motorola W233 Renew when you sign up for new T-Mobile service]

    On Sunday, Charlie Wojciechowski and Art Norman got to be bigger than life, thanks to the technology from Todd Carter, the co-founder of, www.wall-u.com

    Carter re-created the nine feet images of the Web Guys after their images were taken with a digital camera. 

    "Photography or scanned photos can be uploaded to Wall-U to create a bigger that life image to show off your pride," Carter said.  

    Examples range from your favorite sports team logo, to your favorite cheerleader, to a soldier serving now serving in the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. High quality images are printed on thick vinyl, and the vinyl is resistant to tears and fading.