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Try Zeebox for the Chicago Auto Show



    How to Use Zeebox for the Auto Show

    Charlie Wojciechowski and Andrew Greiner from tell you how to use the zeebox app as your Auto Show television sidekick. (Published Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013)

    NBCChicago and its partners at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show will bring you somethign special this year. 

    We've designed a zeebox show page to coincide with our live Auto Show Special on February 9, 2013. 

    What's zeebox? 

    Zeebox is a second screen application that gives you the ability to interact with the show. 

    Want to know more about the Corvette that was just featured? There's an app for that. Want to vote on your favorite cars? Yep, you sure can. 

    But there's so much more. 

    Use zeebox to chat with your friends, interact with the NBC 5 reporters through Twitter, explore extras like web only videos and ... even score free tickets to the show. 

    How do you get zeebox? It's easy: Click the image at the bottom of this page and follow it to the download page on this site. 

    Easy as pie. 

    Once you have it, book the show and be sure to tune in. See you on February 9 at 6 p.m. Be there or zee square. 

    "Download second screen app zeebox and vote on your favorites during “Chicago Auto Show” at 6 p.m. CT Feb. 9”