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Kentucky Derby Cooking



    Kentucky Derby Cooking
    Before a top chef uses chocolate in a fancy dessert, chances are they first craved the sweet stuff in a candy bar.

    Hawthorne Race Course's Signature Supper Kabob

    1.       1 cup regular barbecue sauce
    2.       ½ cup of regular teriyaki sauce
    3.       1 dash of garlic powder
    4.       ¼ cup of sugar molasses
    5.       1 tablespoon of honey
    6.       ¼ cup of Jack Daniels whisky
    7.       2 cups of water
    8.       salt and pepper to taste
    9.       ½ cup of sugar
    10.   1 chicken breast cut in half
    11.   1 bratwurst cut in half
    12.   1 hot dog cut in half
    13.   1 five inch Italian sausage cut in half
    14.   2 small potatoes
    15.   ½  of medium size onion cut in a two wedges
    16.   large skewers or bamboo sticks at least 16 inches long
    Servings size: two extra large Kabobs
    Pour the first six ingredients plus 1 cup of the water in a pot; bring the mixture to a boil, stirring periodically to avoid sticking to the pot. Remove it from the fire and let the mixture rest until room temperature is reached.
    In a baking pan, pour the ingredients from number 7 to 14, cover with foil and bake for 45 to 50 minutes at 375 degrees, check to see that all ingredients are completely cooked. Remove excess liquid, and let the ingredients cool.
    Assemble the kabob piercing the ingredients through the middle in the following order: Onion wedge, potato, Italian sausage, chicken breast, hot dog and bratwurst.
    *All the previous steps can be done at once or by parts and keep refrigerated until time to grill.
    Baste the kabobs thoroughly with the sauce made previously, place the kabob over a hot grill (charcoal for best result) and continuously baste and turn the kabobs for 4 or 5minutes. Enjoy over rice or on top of your favorite salad.
    Classic Mint Julep
    1 1/3 oz. Bourbon
    Fresh mint leaves
    1 teaspoon of super fine sugar
    1 tablespoon of cold water
    Old fashioned glass
    Place mint in glass, add the sugar and water and crush with the back of a spoon until the sugar dissolves and the fragrance of the mint is released.
    Add bourbon. Fill the glass with fresh crushed ice and stir. Garnish with a sprig of mint.