Technical Problems and Questions

Helping Troubleshoot Broadcast or Cable Reception Problems

If you can not receive NBC 5 with your cable system, more likely than not, the problem is with your cable system. Cable providers have to receive our signal via off-air antenna or fiber optic. They have to remix it into their cable TV office. If the have an equipment failure it can affect one or more channels.

Here is what you can check:
If you have rabbit ears on the set extend them to see if you can receive NBC 5, make sure the rabbit ear antenna is connected to the set. If you see NBC 5, the problem is with your cable system.
If you have a working outdoor roof antenna, connect it to your set. If you see NBC 5 call your cable provider.
If your in a apartment or high rise building these tests can be inconclusive due to the steel in the building. Call the building manager.

Poor Reception
To help us track down the cause of your bad audio or video when viewing NBC 5 Chicago, please include your name, phone, address, name of your cable system if applicable, when or during what shows the problem occurrs, and any other information that might help us determine the source of the problem.

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