Caught On Tape: Toddler Takes Late-Nite Stroll

Police find 4-year-old in Dollar Store at 3 a.m.

A Texas toddler may have just wanted a little playtime recently.

The four-year old wandered out of his Beaumont, Texas, home at three in the morning, crossed six lanes of traffic and made his way to the front door of a nearby Dollar General Store. 

Coincidentally, the manager at the store had forgotten to lock a door that night.

When the silent alarm at the store went off, police responded and found the little one playing in the toy aisle.

It turns out, the boy's family was already out looking for him.  Police say they don't believe there was neglect on the part of the family.

The child knew how to get out of the house and was, apparently, familiar with the store.

Family members thought the child was in bed with his grandmother, but she had gone to work before dawn and she thought the boy was with his parents.

As is routine in cases like this, authorities were still investigating on Tuesday.

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