Pimp This Bum

Homeless man gets his own Web site


Begging has gone hi-tech in Texas.

Timothy Daley, 37, is homeless and has been living on the streets of Houston for almost five years. 

"Sometimes things just cascade out of control," he said. "Four and a half years on the street, you're going to lose pretty much all the dignity you got."

Now, a father and son marketing team Is trying to help him out.

They've started the Web site Pimpthisbum.com, where interested parties can go online and buy Tim everything from a cheeseburger to laser hair removal -- or even a college education.

It just launched on Tuesday and has, to date, received over 40,000 page views. 

The creators quote Mother Teresa in saying, "If you can't feed 100 people, then feed just one."

The site accepts all major credit cards.  

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