All That Glitters is Rarely Reindeer Poop

But, Illinois woman freshens up the dungj for holiday ornaments

You, too, can own a little piece of Christmas that's practically right off Santa's farm.

That's right.. Reindeer don't just pull the magic sleigh at a downstate zoo, they also provide the substance for an Illinois woman's handmade Christmas ornaments.

Susie Ohley takes droppings from the two reindeer at Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington. She dries them out and paints them with acrylic paint and glitter. Then she makes the poop into colorful beaded ornaments.

They can be yours for just $5, but the "Magic Reindeer Gem Ornaments" are only available at the zoo.

All proceeds go right back to the zoo, some, presumably, to feed the reindeer.

Elsewhere, reports out of Brooklyn indicate that sales of reindeer meat are on the rise.

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