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This minuscule handbag sold for $63,000. Here's why.

The handbag measures in at less than 0.03 inches wide and was sold at an online action on Wednesday.


Imagine spending more than $63,000 for an object that's barely visible to the human eye.

A Brooklyn-based art group called MSCHF sold its "Microscopic Handbag," which measures in at 657-by-2220-by-700 microns (or less than 0.03 inches wide), at an online auction on Wednesday.

The fluorescent yellowish-green bag is inspired by a popular Louis Vuitton design and has the detail of Louis Vuitton's signature "LV" monogram when enlarged. The piece of art was sold with a microscope.

MSCHF claims that the handbag is "smaller than a grain of sea salt and narrow enough to pass through the eye of a needle."

The artwork is made using two-photon polymerization printing techniques, according to Joopiter, a digital-first auction house founded by musician, record producer and designer Pharrell Williams.

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