Lawn Mowers March On Washington

Downstate team in inaugural parade, competition didn't make cut

The Lake Bluff Precision Lawn Mower Drill Team, established in 1972,  thinks it's just not right that they've been overlooked by the Inauguration Committee. 

They will not be marching in the Inaugural Parade on Tuesday, while a downstate, less establised team will be featured.

It's caused quite a controversy in the lawn mower drill team circles. 

While the Lake Bluff group claims to have created the art form, it's The World Famous Lawn Rangers from Amazing Arcola who'll be showing off their stuff for the world to see.

"It kind of raised serious questions of what kind of vetting process they used," Lake Bluff team member Christian Erzinger told the Tribune.

Watch the magic of the mower men.

According to the 40-year-old Erzinger, the Arcola group's best-known member, humorist Dave Barry, only joined because he couldn't find Lake Bluff on a map.

Barry, who has written several times about the Rangers, will march with them as an "embedded reporter," said Rangers co-founder Pat Monahan.

"Rest assured that, as we Lawn Rangers maneuver our mowers down Pennsylvania Avenue before a worldwide audience of millions, we will be proudly representing not just Arcola, but the entire state of Illinois, including the pathetic losers of Lake Bluff," Barry recently wrote.

Sticks and stones may mess up a lawn mower, but they're not going to slow the blades of competition whirled by the Lake Bluff crowd.

"It must be politics. You better follow the campaign funds," the paper quoted Lake Bluff's Lydon Neumann, who wasn't sure if anyone in his group even remembered to apply for a parade spot.

However it was that the committee opted to invite the lawn mower pushers from Arcola, the bottom line is that the north suburban crew just didn't make the cut.

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