Bras Carry Other Neat Things, Too

"America loves big boobs, and America loves humor ... so why not put them together?"

A woman's bra holds many wonders.

Like ... lipstick. And car keys. And mace. And cell phones.

That's the insider fashion scoop from Winter Pierzina, a 20-year-old Arizona college student who goes by the YouTube handle WintrSprngSummrFall. Pierzina says her tips apply to women across the country, at least those endowed enough -- and willing enough -- to sequester their accessories inside their skivvies.

"I honestly didn't make these videos to be a camwhore or anything," Pierzina said, referring to the derogatory name for women who use their looks to garner views on YouTube. "I just think they're hilarious."

Judge for yourself.

Her minute-long videos extolling the virtues of oversized undergarments, which just recently gained notoriety online, have racked up just under one million views so far.

"I just wanted to share with you how amazing it is to have big boobs," Pierzina said in her first vid. "Because the bra doubles as a purse!"

Pierzina then proceeds to remove lipstick, car keys, mace, and a cell phone from her bra. In her second vid, she removes a wrench and scissors.

Pierzina says the videos are meant to be humorous.

She conceived of the vids when, while pulling up to a BBQ, her friends said they had no pockets or purses to carry their accessories.

"I just told them to give me anything they wanted to take into the party and before I knew it I had three sets of keys, three tubes of lipgloss, three cell phones ..." Pierzina said. "We sat there for like five minutes rearranging things until it looked like absolutely nothing was in there."

Pierzina says her ex-boyfriend is "disgusted" by her videos, but adds "what the heck. God gave me giant boobs, I find them to be very entertaining."

"America loves big boobs, and America loves humor ... so why not put them together?"

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