Boy Tongue Tied to Pole

Painful lesson could have been learned by watching movie

Remember what happened to Flick?

In the 1983 film "A Christmas Story," based in the 1940s, Flick, a friend of the young protagonist, Ralphie, gets his tongue stuck to a flag pole when he tries tasting the frozen metal. 

Who would DO that?  Well, apparently, Flick is not alone.  

In Hammond, Ind., police were called to the scene of a similar crisis Tuesday night. A 10-year-old boy got his tongue stuck on a frozen street light.

The Field Elementary School fourth-grader managed to mumble to police that a friend had dared him to lick the fixture, and as the NW Indiana Times reported, "He must have been triple dared."

Read more from the NW Indiana Times, where readers' comments will only add to the guilty glee sparked by the story.

Cold Weather Dangers 

In fact, however, the bitter cold is no laughing matter. It can dangerous for even the hardiest of us.

Frostbite occurs when tissues freeze, and it can happen when skin is exposed to temperatures below the freezing point.

It's recommended that you dress appropriately even if just stepping out for a quick errand. The possibility of getting stuck outside should not be underestimated -- your car breaks down, you get stuck in the snow, the bus doesn't come -- and hypothermia can be deadly.


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