Baby Bad Hair Is Good Fortune

Mug wins Hallmark card contest

Bad hair turned out to be good fortune for Ava Lystad.

A post-bath photo op of the now 16-month old red-head taken by parents Haley and Caleb Lystad landed Ava on the cover of Hallmark greeting cards all over the country for Mother's Day . It also gave them the $2,500 grand prize in the card company's Your Parenthood greeting card competition. 

“Everyone just laughs when they see it,” Haley told a local paper.

All it took was a little styling license with hair dryer. OK, a lot of styling license.  Snap, And the picture speaks for itself. 

“I don’t know how that look got on her face,” Hailey told the newspaper. “I was taking a couple of pictures, and it might have been the flash.”

Along the photo, the family sent this message that helped them beat out 2,000 other entries: "Bing a mom is hard work. It can make your hair stand on end. Happy Mother's Day."

The family said they plan to use the money to pay some bills. Hailey said little Ava's mug would get her some toys, too.

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