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Woman Jumps Into Polar Bear Pool

Berlin Zoo visitors stunned by jump and subsequent attack



    Woman Jumps Into Polar Bear Pool
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    A polar bear at the Berlin Zoo did what polar bears do when a woman jumped into its enclosure.

    A woman shocked onlookers when she jumped into the polar bear enclosure at the Berlin Zoo on Friday.

    Hundreds of visitors, many of them children, watched as the bears did what bears do, biting the woman on the arms, legs and butt.

    Zookeepers were able to distract the bears long enough to pull the 32-year-old woman to safety, but not without several attempts.

    The unidentified woman had trouble holding on to the rope rescuers dropped down to her, and she fell back into the bears' pool several times before being pulled out of the bears' grasp.

    She was later treated for bites and bruises at a Berlin hospital.

    NBC's Today Show reported that the woman jumped into the habitat because she wanted to connect with the polar bears.