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Thieves in Search of Divine Intervention

Woman's car is burglarized; Bible is the only thing missing



    Thieves in Search of Divine Intervention
    Thieves break into car and take woman's bible.

    Jessica Scott was empty handed as she headed out for church in Denton, Texas on Sunday morning.

    The driver's side window of her Saturn was shattered early Friday morning, but thieves didn't take the car radio, CD's or change in the center console.

    Instead, they took a Bible from the bottom of a stack of books.

    "I kind of expected to maybe see it on the ground or something next to the car," said Scott. "Maybe they thought it was a bag or a purse of some sort. But when they realized it was a bible that they would have just thrown it out.  But they didn't. They took it."

    While neighbors on Savage Drive say the community feels pretty safe, another resident had his car broken into recently, too.

    Thieves stole his tools from a toolbox in the truck bed.

    "One of my friends thought maybe they were trying to build an ark.  You know, they needed the plans and the tools!" says Scott. 

    The window cost $145 to repair, but Scott says the Bible has sentimental value that can't be replaced. 

    It was a Christmas gift from her husband two years ago.