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Poultry Punk'd: That's Col. Sanders, Not Khaddafy

KFC sneaks impersonator into UN for meeting with brass



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    A man posing as Colonel Sanders talked his way into the United Nations and a photo op with General Assembly President Ali A. Treki, of Libya.

    Come to think of it, "Colonel Sanders" does sound like a third world strongman.

    A white-suited, dignified man breezed past security officers last week, worked his way into a restricted area of the United Nations building and even got himself photographed shaking hands with a top official. Only later did the world body's top brass learn that Colonel Sanders wasn't a dignitary and the man who had posed as the KFC founder was punking them to help sell chicken. By then, white-haired poulty purveying poser had gotten his photo op, posing with UN General Assembly President Ali A. Treki, of Libya.

    "It should not have happened -- that I will stress, and very strongly," Michele Montas, spokeswoman for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, told the National Post.

    The incident last Thursday was a publicity  designed to promote KFC's new grilled alternative to the greasy fried chicken that made the real Col. Harland Sanders world famous before he died in 1980.

    "As the organization known for recognizing nations, we kindly request that you give Grilled Nation “a seat at the United Nation’s table” in the name of delicious diplomacy," the chain's president, Roger Eaton, wrote in a letter to Moon which is posted on the KFC website.

    Television crews finally pulled rank on the colonel after he approached cameras set up for diplomats and began making claims about KFC's "Grilled Nation."

    Montas was not amused and threatened legal action.