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San Francisco Supervisor Makes F-Bomb Promise

With a year left in his term, Supervisor Chris Daly won't censor himself



    San Francisco Supervisor Makes F-Bomb Promise
    Hasan Diwan
    A spokesman for the mayor responded to Daly's F-bomb promise by wishing Daly had left town instead.

    Let's face it, you are probably bored to tears by politics generally, and local politics in particular.

    But what if you know that a zoning meeting debate or public proclamation might end up as burlesque blue as a Redd Foxx record?

    That's just what San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly has promised in his last year in office, vowing to drop the F-bomb at least once a meeting as a New Year's resolution.

    Daly, who represents the rough-and-tumble Tenderloin, has probably become the best-known local politician after the mayor thanks to his occasionally profane outbursts, voluble temper and candor.

    Divisive, being both adored and despised, but well-known -- and also by far the most entertaining.

    Daly has faced censure in the past for bringing up persistent rumors that Mayor Gavin Newsom might have dabbled in cocaine use during his days as a restauranteur during an argument over funding for substance abuse treatment. Newsom ended up holding a press conference to deny the rumor.

    It lead to fellow Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier introducing a "code of conduct" measure that would bar supervisors from making allegations against public officials that might be "misleading." The measure failed.

    Daly has expressed little interest in continuing his political career in San Francisco, so is pretty much free to do as he pleases in regards to full use of the English language.

    As San Franciscans, it's our duty to hold him accountable to his New Year's resolution and make sure he follows through each and every meeting.

    Photo by Hasan Diwan.

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