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Reward Offered For Eagle's Head

Vandals steal head of inflatable display item, Herman



    Reward Offered For Eagle's Head
    The owner of a Northwest Indiana fireworks shop thinks "it's wild" that someone would steal his eagle's head.

    The owner of  northwest Indiana fireworks store is offering a $350 reward to find out who decapitated a 35-foot-tall American eagle balloon that has drawn shoppers to his store for four years.

    "Who would desecrate a symbol of the country?" asked Tom O'Connor, owner of Boomtown USA Fireworks. He told the Post-Tribune that the vandals took the time to unstitch the giant balloon outside his store in Hobart, Ind.

    "If it was just vandals who used a razor to destroy it, well, OK. If was the competition who just wanted to steal it, OK. But to take the head off a 150-pound balloon, that's wild," O'Connor said.

    The inflatable eagle, which O'Connor named Herman, cost about $3,500 and was perched on a 12-foot-wide trailer parked in front of Boomtown.

    A local tent and awning company has offered to stitch up Herman's torso and inflate it with a sign reading: "Where's My Head?" O'Connor said.

    Boomtown has not reported the incident to police, the Post-Tribune reported.