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Northwestern Sex Toy Controversy Affects Student Trip

A church in Tennessee refuses to host a group of students from Northwestern University because of a sex toy demonstration



    Northwestern Sex Toy Controversy Affects Student Trip
    A church in Tennessee refuses to let students from Northwestern University camp on their site after finding out about a sex-toy controversy.

    More than a month has passed since a Northwestern University human sexuality professor caused a ruckus by conducting a live sex toy demonstration in a university classroom, but the shocking event is still causing controversy.

    A group of 14 students from NU were planning a trip to Tennessee to volunteer their time and help build a nature trail, according to the Sun-Times.

    In order to save money, one of the students in the group asked Pastor Clifton Roth, the head of the Community Baptist Church in Hixson, Tenn., if they could camp on the church's property.

    Roth first said yes, but later changed his mind.

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    It appears the Pastor did some research online about the University, and came across a news story about one of it's professors and a sex-toy demonstration that occurred in March 2011.

    When 22-year-old student Jenny Haag called again to confirm the group had a place to stay, the pastor told her he couldn't host them anymore, because his church could not be associated with a university that would condone such acts.

    The students tell the Sun-Times they were shocked to hear the news. First because they had nothing to do with the controversy of Professor J. Michael Bailey's "Human Sexuality" class, and second, because they were going on a trip for a good cause.

    The students still went on their trip last month, but ended up paying for accommodations with the organization building the trail.