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New Hampshire Teen Manhandles Possibly Rabid Coyote

Teen "squared off" with a wild coyote while walking his dog



    New Hampshire Teen Manhandles Possibly Rabid Coyote
    Associated Press
    A teenager said he fought off a coyote while on a stroll with his dog.

    A New Hampshire teen reportedly fended off a wild, possibly rabid coyote with his bare hands.

    Jed Aubertin, 15, said he noticed the coyote around dusk while walking his dog in Hopkinton.

    Coyotes are common in New Hampshire and normally wary of humans, Boston’s WHDH TV reported.

    Aubertin said he initially ignored the coyote until it lunged at him – forcing him to fight it off.

    “I kicked my dog and told him to go home, and he did. I squared off with the coyote,” Aubertin told WHDH.

    He said he began hitting the animal on the top of its head and broke its skull.

    “I could feel the fracture,” he said. “And I busted some teeth out.”

    The coyote ran off after only a minute, leaving Aubertin with a clawed neck.

    A New Hampshire Fish and Game wildlife biologist told The Associated Press he suspected the coyote might have been rabid judging by its uncharacteristically aggressive behavior.

    Aubertin was given rabies shots as a precaution.