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New App Evokes Sounds, Smells of Bacon Frying



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    Like waking up to the sounds and smells of bacon frying? All you need is a smartphone and a free device.

    Want to wake up to the sound of bacon sizzling on the stove with its aroma drawing you out of bed?

    There's an app for that.

    Oscar Mayer says it has created a bacon-scented app for the iPhone, developed by the Madison-based company's Institute for the Advancement of Bacon.

    The company says that to emit a small puff reminiscent of bacon, the user needs an external device that plugs into the headphone jack. The app itself produces the sound of bacon sizzling in a pan.

    Oscar Mayer says the aroma-producing device won't be sold in stores and that quantities are limited. The company is giving away 4,700 devices beginning Thursday.

    Oscar Mayer is part of Kraft Foods Group, Inc., based in Glenview, Ill.