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Lawyer Charged With Belly Bump Battery

Contact between attorneys disputed



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    A lawyer belly-bumped another attorney outside court.

    Law & Order should rip this one from the headlines.

    Two Kane County attorneys got into a belly-bumping brawl at the courthouse Wednesday.

    Christopher Carroll, of Aurora, was charged with misdemeanor battery after he and Jonathon Carbary, a lawyer from Elgin, got into a altercation outside the courtroom over a child custody case.

    Carroll was charged with using his stomach to hit Carbary's stomach.

    The argument began inside the courtroom after Carroll said Carbary threw a court document. It then escalated over setting a new court date. When the two stepped outside, that's when there was belly contact.

    "We're obese middle-aged men," Carroll said about what he described as brushing up against Carbary. "I guess I got a little too close. He did not sprawl backward."

    Carbary, who didn't appreciate Carroll's weight reference, described it more like a football player chest bump.

    "I bike 1,200 miles a year. I'm 60 years old, but I'm not fat," Carbary said."He didn't brush up. He ran up to me."

    "I never touched the man. I never raised my voice," Carbary said. "If I took a punch at him, he'd be picking up his teeth, so I did a smart thing."

    Carroll was charged with battery and released on bail.

    "I would have let it go, but lawyers are supposed to set an example, and you can't have this happen," Carbary said.