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Lady-odle, Lady-odle, La-He-Hoo

Two stray goats make their way to Montrose Harbor



    Lady-odle, Lady-odle, La-He-Hoo
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    Two goats were found wandering around near Montrose Harbor over the weekend.

    Now, here's something you don't see every day.

    Two goats, both of which had agricultural tags on them, were found wandering near Lake Shore Drive at Montrose Harbor Sunday night, according to a Town Hall District police lieutenant.

    Responding Town Hall District police officers placed the goats into the care of Animal Care & Control and it was not immediately known where the goats came, though the lieutenant said it was possible they had come from the Lincoln Park Zoo or from a farm.

    The goats did not appear to be injured, according to the lieutenant, who said a police report did not need to be prepared for the incident.