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Illinois: Beware the Indestructible Coyote



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    David Lovere
    The coyote stayed in a crate for four days resting up, before it managed to push up the steel at the bottom of a kennel to free itself. It hasn't been seen since.

    Coyote hunting season never ends in Illinois.

    Fur gatherers are welcome to snag those animal hides whenever they please.

    But Illinois hunters would do well to make sure the animals are dead before heading home.

    Some coyotes are indestructible, as these Arizona siblings found out.

    Thibault Camus/AFP/Getty Images

    Daniel East and his twin sister, Tevyn, drove smack into a coyote at 75 mph near the Arizona-Utah border last week. But the pair kept on driving.

    Eight hours later they arrived at their destination and found the coyote trapped in their car’s grill.

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    "No broken bones, no internal injuries -- nothing," Daniel East told WHIO TV, adding that the animal only had a few scrapes on one of his paws.

    Wildlife Rescue Workers took the animal to a rehabilitation center. But after just a few days there the animal managed to push up the steel at the bottom of the kennel to free itself.

    No one has seen it since.