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Dare to Eat Pig Testes Sends Teen to Hospital



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    "I ate what? Oh, man, I should have gotten more money!"

    Gross! A Plano ninth-grader ate fetal pig parts for a classroom dare, according to a Dallas Morning News story.

    The 15-year-old at Shepton High School in Plano was taken to the hospital after eating parts of a preserved fetal pig being used in a biology dissection. The parts in question? Testicles.

    Classmates of the teen proposed the dare and offered him $50 if he agreed. He collected $40 of their bet after the dare, but now owes his mother $100 for the hospital visit following the consumption.

    A trip to the hospital was probably a good idea; the fetal pigs used in dissection are preserved with formaldehyde, a toxic substance that preserves tissues.

    "It wasn't that bad," the boy tells the DMN, "It was just like swallowing a pill." Even though he claimed the taste wasn't an issue, after returning from the hospital the boy brushed his teeth...three times.