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Car Damage Drives UFO Enthusiasts

Vehicle 'nudged' while driving down the road



    Car Damage Drives UFO Enthusiasts
    Chicago Sun-Times / Irv Leavitt
    immy Cios of Leo's Body Shop in Chicago examines a car some say may have been damaged by mysterious forces in Northbrook.

    UFO enthusiasts said they're planning scientific tests on a car with unexplained damage to the driver's side, the Northbrook Star reported Friday.

    Most of the driver's side of the 2008 Mitubishi sedan is caved in, but there's hardly a scratch in the paint and the side mirror hangs from its cables.

    The driver, a 21-year-old Northbrook Court employee, told Northbrook police she saw no cars around as she headed to the Edens Expressway at around 9:19 p.m. She only "felt a nudge against my car," according to the supplementary report she filed.

    Now a UFO investigator is comparing the incident to other claims of "energy" damaging vehicles.

    The newspaper has more on the tale that seems to be from the Twilight Zone.