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Bikers are Born To Be Mild

Study shows bikers are a "hopelessly romantic" crowd



    Bikers are Born To Be Mild
    Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
    Don't let that bad expression give you the wrong impression.

    We need to clear something up. Bikers are not born to be bad. And they want you to know they've got feelings too. 

    "Male motorcyclists, despite their tough-guy reputations, are sensitive souls, prone to tearing up at big moments and getting involved in charities," the Chicago Sun-Times reported Monday.

    They're soft-hearted, apparently, and crumble when their hearts are broken, according to a survey by Progressive Insurance Company.

    The Progressive survey says that of the 1,100 males interviewed -- bikers and non-bikers -- 240 of them are from Chicago. And the Chicago guys are really special.

    "Chicago riders also were four times more likely than those who don't ride to coach a local sports team (17 percent vs. 4 percent)," the paper says, and while bikers are more likely to have tattoos than non-bikers, "biker tattoos are more likely to be sentimental."

    While not all motorcycle riders fit the stereotypical leather and chains appearance, it's important to note that even the ones who were born to be wild, tend to have a softer side.