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Blago Burger Full of Bologna



    Blago Burger Full of Bologna
    A Chicago restaurant is offering a Blago burger with a little bologna.

    We are always impressed with the creativity of Chicago business owners. This one does not disappoint.

    Kuma's Corner, 2900 W. Belmont,  is jumping on the Blagojevich train, as if you needed another reason to head to the eatery this month.

    Their January special is the "#@(*&%^ Blagojevich."

    The gubernatorial-inspired monstrosity is made with a 10-ounce hamburger patty, thick sliced bologna and yellow mustard between two grilled cheese sandwiches (made with American cheese and wonder bread).

    When the burger comes out, one of the sandwiches has a large dollar sign written in mustard.

    The cost of this beast: $10, but the price is reportedly "negotiable."