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Bad Dog Sentenced to Life Term as Prison Guard

“It’s not right what they’re doing,” owner says



    Bad Dog Sentenced to Life Term as Prison Guard
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    A wolf dog hybrid (not this one) has been sentenced to time in the clink.

    All dogs go to heaven but this one is headed to prison first.

    A wolf dog hybrid once ordered destroyed for reportedly terrorizing the neighborhood was granted a final-hour reprieve by a Louisiana judge at the behest of Angola prison officials.

    Judge James Best first sentenced “Chief” to be put to death for aggressive behavior after Pointe Coupee Parish residents testified that the pooch -- part British Colombia wolf and part German shepherd -- frequently escaped his owners’ property, The Advocate reported.

    But Angola Warden Burl Cain persuaded the judge to send Chief to the slammer instead, arguing the dog could be put to work patrolling his 18,000-acre maximum-security facility at night.

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    Deputy Warden Bruce Dodd told The Advocate that Angola breeds wolf hybrids and Chief would fit right in with other fearsome guard dogs at the state penitentiary.

    “When we saw this dog in the paper, we thought it would be a shame to euthanize,” he told The Advocate.

    Chief’s owner told the paper she was happy the dog’s life would be spared but upset about his new role as a prison guard.

    Vicky Smith said her dog never “bit or hurt anyone” before and had been used to an air-conditioned home and oatmeal for breakfast.

    “It’s not right what they’re doing,” she told The Advocate.