The $900 iPhone App

Chicago company makes most expensive app

Next time you're agonizing over whether to drop $.99 on that iPhone app, consider this -- it could cost you $900.

That's what Chicago company Lextech Labs is charging for the iRa Pro, an app that controls live feeds of video surveillance cameras.

CEO Alex Bratton wouldn't tell the Huffington Post how many of the apps his company has sold, but says he's "happy with the number."

The $900 pricetag might seem steep, but for Bratton's clients -- who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on security systems -- it's worth it.  It's certainly cheaper than designing and building their own monioring devices.

Trying to prove that you're a rich, boorish jerk? Apparently, there was an app for that. The $1,000 "I Am Rich" app -- which did nothing -- used to be the most expensive app, but was later pulled, Huff Po reports.

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