Save Loot on Your Cellie

$331 is a lot of loot.

But that’s what most Illinois cell phone owners are overpaying each year for their cell phone bills, according to a Consumer Utility Board study.

Low and behold, they’ve got a way for you to save that cash. Use their online tool, to help reduce your costs.

"This is really savings without sacrifice," said CUB Executive Director David Kolata. "All you're really doing is optimizing your cell-phone plan so it matches your calling behavior."

The tool is a digital questionnaire that asks users a few questions about their service, including their carrier, and your monthly statement. It then makes recommendations on whether to switch carriers or alter your plan to better suit you.

CUB said most of the overpayments come from people who don’t use all their minutes or texts. Only 9.3 percent of bills analyzed had penalties for going over the monthly allotment of minutes.

"In most cases, this is money that is simply being thrown away," Kolata said.

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