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Some of YouTube's Biggest Stars Meet in Chicago

Google hosts first-ever partner meet-up



    Some of YouTube's Biggest Stars Meet in Chicago
    Google apologized for the image, but won't remove it.

    From Indian cooking shows to classical guitar programs and wacky sketch comedy shows, YouTube is the creative outlet for many videophiles.

    And many of those trying to take their content to the next level were in Chicago on Thursday for Google's first-ever partner meet-up.

    "We chose to come to Chicago first this year for this first-of-its-kind event because there are so many partners here in the Midwest area. So we drew a circle around Chicago and it turned out there were more than enough partners here to justify having an event," said YouTube's Jim Woods.

    Thirty-seven content producers were slated to be a part of the meet-and-greet at Google's offices at 20 W. Kinzie, including Peter Coffin, who has more than 66,300 followers on his YouTube channel.

    He said YouTube gives him something he can't get from traditional media.

    "I've worked in radio before and when you want to make something there's often a lot of hoops to jump through, people to clear it with and the reason I like doing this is that it's not like that," he said.

    For Google and its partners, the goal is win-win. Users get an outlet. YouTube gets great content. And both can share in ad revenue.

    "We want them to be successful," said YouTube Brand Manager Shenaz Zack.


    Interested in becoming a YouTube partner?  A visit to is a good place to start.