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Art Institute Offers Android, iOS Applications



    Art Institute Offers Android, iOS Applications
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    Tourists can now experience the Art Institute of Chicago like never before.

    The museum has launched "Fresh Impressionism" applications for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices,  featuring panoramic views of the museum's galleries and narration of several popular collections.

    The app offers, according to its developer

    • High-resolution images of 100+ iconic works -- drawn from the original scans that only the Art Institute has—from the museum’s world-renowned collection
    • Informative and engaging entries on each painting by the museum’s curators
    • Biographies of the 22 artists whose works are represented
    • Videos related to the art works and to the history of the collection
    • Narrated virtual tours of select Impressionist galleries at the museum
    • A photo-rich history of the development of this magnificent collection
    • Exclusive detailed descriptions not available in the galleries

    The app can also be used inside the museum for additional insight on certain pieces.

    "The goal would be eventually for people to have a library of apps," said Erin Hogan, museum spokeswoman, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. "It would almost be like a digital encyclopedia of the Art Institute."

    Prices for the app will range from $2 to $5.99.  Look for it in your device's mobile app store.

    Chicago Sun-Times Photos:  The Art Institute's New App