Photos: Inside Google Chicago's Office

Midwest manager of global communications and public affairs for Google opens doors of mysterious company's Dearborn Plaza office.

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Some enterprising employees laid down a tarp and decorated this wall with paintball guns to add some nice vibrant feng shui near the office's rec room.
"Google is pretty a pretty tech-savvy company," says Jake Parrillo, Google's Midwest manager of global communications and public affairs. "So imagine the people we hire to run the tech-support area. They're the best of breed."
A company adage says "at Google, you're no more than 50 feet away from food, wherever you are." This is the fresh kitchen, which stocks in-house made items like olive biscuits and puffed quinoa. Not stocked? A single packaged item.
Views like this are a "typical feature of Google offices... because California is our DNA." Off in the distance, you can see part of the Chicago Theater's marquee. The area was likely vacant due to the sudden frosty late March temps we had.
Each floor has its own theme. Others include "the future" and "the Roaring Twenties."
Even the copiers get in on each floor's theme. On the Chicago music floor, Kanye West rocks his trademark shades and breathes deep the warm copier vapors. Other floors have Sloane Peterson from Ferris Bueller's Day Off or flappers. Copying is fun!
Google's rec room. In addition to board games like Candy Land, an Xbox 360 and a full Rock Band setup, there's also a cool 3D printer. Toys for kids and toys for grown-ups.
The ping-pong table also gets a lot of play. In fact, there's a webcam set up so workers on other floors can see if it's in use before they make the trek down there.
The aforementioned 3D printer.
A nifty James Bondian conference room for presentations. There are screens in the back of the room so the speaker doesn't have to crane their neck backwards to see their own slides.
On Google's latest floor, this door -- which will soon have a chain on it -- holds a secret. Can you guess what it is?
Wrong! It houses a functional speakeasy. Though there is a bar, Parrillo stresses this is a collaboration space. "If we can get one idea generated, then the investment is worth it," he says.
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