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YouTube Ban Lifted in Chicago Classrooms

YouTube returns to CPS to help promote digital learning



    YouTube Ban Lifted in Chicago Classrooms
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    Chicago Public Schools had a change of heart about YouTube this week. 

    To promote digital learning, the school district lifted its YouTube ban Wednesday, allowing the online video library to be used in classrooms.

    The ban originally was in place because of concerns over students using the site inappropriately, but new internet filters will balance staff and student access.

    Hundreds of teachers told the school board that YouTube would help them create playlists for lessons, customize instruction and allow students to have more fun while learning.

    CPS reps said they hope the access gives teachers a new internet tool to help expand digital learning in the classroom.

    To that end, schools chief Jean-Claude Brizard on Wednesday gave a science lesson on gravity and the solar system to middle schoolers using an iPad. Brizard taught live from Spencer Technology Academy and broadcast to more than 19 classrooms across Chicago.

    The district said it added 4,500 iPads to classrooms this school year for a total of more than 5,250 iPads for more than 10,000 students.